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RaceCore24 is the cumulation of many years of experimentation, testing, design and development in order to deliver the highest performance racing simulator experience. We went from mickey mouse resolution on sensors to 23-bit and 31-bit. That combined with fast electronics gives us an edge over all other competitors. You want to win sim races? You need RaceCore24 products.
RaceCore24 is the collaberation, and team work of Tore Pedersen and Kjetil Kristoffer Solberg.
Current Project
We are currently working on improvements to our software and firmware. We are also working towards new products.

Customer Feedback

My wheel lockup was minimized. If you are trying to emulate a real F1 brake, this is how I imagined it would feel.

Shaun Cole

I was surprised how well you can control the brake. Transitions are smoother and more accurate.

Gerhard Lindauer
All of a sudded worrying about brake lockup is no longer an issue. It really does work.

John Hill

This mod is a game changer. My braking is so precise I can go deeper into corners. Lap times came down instantly.

Brian Dix


Fanatec V3 Upgrade - Next Gen

Braking is the most important part of driving a race car. Later and more stable braking makes faster laptimes. The RaceCore24 advanced electronic and software upgrade will bring your brake to a new level of performance. Developed of racers for racers who expect nothing but the best. Our control and calibration software will make you racing minutes after installation. The new improved electronics will autoinstall without the need of any external drivers. Plug and play will almost be redefined.

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Platform: Windows 10

This software is used to calibrate your RaceCore24 Simulation Technology controller.

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Install Ignition from the command line through winget:

winget install RaceCore24.Ignition